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The thing with social media is it is so convoluted and people so rarely use the integrated buttons, you can have fake ones on your affiliate sites and no one will ever even know you faked it. On page social signals are so important and easy to setup that is stupid not to integrate them into your pages for so much trust and reputation in return.

Here is what they will look like: -> Over there ->


Well looks like wordpress is messing with the facebook counter it a little but here is what it should look like:

If you want yours to float to the absolute right like mine does just add the following code to the main div

position:fixed; top:20px; right:20px;

Also if you want to make it so the whole div vanishes at a certain width you can add the following to your css file:
@media (max-width: 900px) {
.name-of-div { display: none; }

And add this to the main div:

you can test mine by changing the width of the window.

Here is the images, HTML and CSS:


The logos themselves sneakily link out to a share of your page (just update the urls and swap out www.domain.com for your domain). So if someone does click on one they will still have no idea there just fake.

Have fun.


So I spend a stupid amount of time on this today, I don’t even know why, probably just avoiding manually checking URL footprints, fuck that task is tedious.

I wanted to find a way to redirect either pages that no longer exist on expired domains I acquired or to capture links that accidentally went to stupid urls while mass spamming like: www.domain.com/[keyword] or whatever. But i wanted to do it in a way that redirect not only the user but link juice, in most cases I could give a shit about people, its the juice i want.

Dont get me wrong if you buy a good domain, always check and see if there is a page that has lots of links going to it, recreate that page and put inks on it to either your home page or your money site. (don’t redirect it to the home page, if anything redirect it to a new page you created).

But what if you either cant be bothered to do that because you have so many domains (me) or you just want to make sure you capture all the juice on a site with hundreds of pre-existing pages with juice???

Common Ways Of Doing This: (And Possible Mistakes)

I know some people use the wordpress tool “link juice keeper” but this just throws a 404 and then redirects that to the home page as far as i can tell. Which google has said does nothing. (maybe/likely they are full of shit but just encase).

I have redirected non existent pages this way up until now also, I use static HTML and do it like this:

ErrorDocument 404 /index.php

(this is a massive fail because it is a 302 not a 301)

Or less of a fail:

ErrorDocument 404 /404.php

And have a header redirect in the 404.php page that redirects to the home page, like this:

header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"); 
header("Location: hxxp://www.domain.com"); 

This is the same as the link juice keeper tool and aside from redirecting people it likely does little or nothing to pass juice. Google has said that a redirect to the home page is the same as a 404 and will not pass juice.

So how then can we potentially pass that juice on???
I have no idea to be honest, but i have some good ideas and i am down for trying something different and seeing what happens. Maybe all it takes is not using the 404 to redirect, maybe it will take a lot more. I am also a huge fan of not doing things the way the masses are doing it to potentially avoid be caught in a filter.

Here is a couple new ways to redirect non existent pages:

This will redirect everything that does not exist to the home page without a 404:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule . / [L,R=301]

This will redirect everything that does not exist to a page you created called linkjuicepassingpage.php:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteRule . /LinkJuicePassingPage.php [L,R=301]

Obviously you would change the name of the page to something like keyword.php

This page you can just add some nice content and html links that point to your home page, money sites and other main pages (<- I like this strategy and is what im gonna do as it avoid linking to the home page). I made a page with my keyword in the title, H1, had relevant content and linked with a my keyword to the home page.

Or you could use the before mentioned 301 header redirect trick again and do a double redirect (sometimes stupid shit works) so it would go: PageThatDoesNotExist 301 -> LinkJuicePassingPage 301 -> HomePage/MoneyPage (again prefer pages other than the home page).

I was thinking the best way to get a definitive answer to this was to test the different ways, it may be that I am burt for the day but i can’t for the life of me figure out a way to test this effectively…

More info on the 404 from google here: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GoN3SPuNr0g

Welcome some ideas.


This will be quick but worth a read if your looking into buying new head phones. Also a lesson on why never to trust online reviews.
So I have recently been working every day out of coffee shops, and I love to listen to tunes while I work so I was forced to purchase a new set of head phones. Though I have an amazing pair of Sennheiser HD598′s I didn’t bring these with me :(.

After reading probably 50 articles and posts about who has the best headphone I went out purchased a pair of Klipsch S4i for $150 because I read on multiple sites they were the best there is. What a fail that was, these headphones are total rubbish and worth about $11 in my book. They look like kids toys, the sound is average at best and they don’t stay in my ears, oh and the cord is really thick so when it bounces off your body when running or working you can hear it even over the loudest music.

I ended up buying a pair or pioneer HDJ500′s for I think $50 here in Cambodia (yes they’re real) and they are awesome, dollar for dollar probably the best I have ever come across. but why didn’t i find any good reviews of these online??? probably because there such good value that there is no margin in them to make a decent commission and make promoting them worthwhile.

In most cases online reviewers really have no clue about the product itself, trust me when I tell you that most sites that review electronics that say that have personally tested the items they are reviewing have never held them. This applies to everything not just electronics, what do you think drives the list of hotels on booking.com? or the top items on groupon? yeah its commission, period. very few people care about user experience when there is money involved and I am no exception. Here is a personal example of mine that I can use to further demonstrate what I am talking about. I used to make over 2k a month on this site doing nothing before the google updates: http://www.onlinesurveysaustralia.com.au

Now that CheckMyStats is closed down this site makes $0 because I can’t be bothered to update the affiliate links.

So on this page there is a list of sites you can sign up to, to do online surveys and make money so on. How do you think I ranked these sites from top to bottom? Do you think I signed up to every one and participated in surveys and stuff to give an honest review??? No if I had to do that with all the products I promote I would never make any money. So I did what any human being would do, I used conversion rates and commission, the ones at the top either convert really well and pay ok commission or they convert ok and pay the biggest commissions.

Keep this in mind next time your reading an online review, in most cases online reviews are simply an indication of what’s out there and nothing more.


Latest Laptop’s in 2014

So I have done a ton of research, there are a lot of awesome solutions these days, almost too many it took me days to filter through all the crap and there are some clear leaders. I figure I may aswell post my finding in a hope that five minutes of my writing will save someone hours in research and frustration.


When I first started looking into buying a new laptop to replace my Dell XPS 13″ (L321X) I immediately started researching smaller more portable machines, however this was a mistake. After sitting next to someone in a coffee shop using the new 15″ Macbook Pro Retina (retina is a fancy work apple uses to describe high definition displays) I was brought to the realisation that with the advancements in laptop technology over the last 12 months, 15″ laptops are now super portable and light and 11-13″ laptops are more like a large phone and though they are cool toys and the tech in me is tempted to buy one there is just no reason to sacrifice the screen size for portability anymore, seeing as I tend to use my laptop as a portable work machine I have decided that what is going to be best for me is a 15″ model.

15″ laptops come in at under 2kgs (5 pounds)!!! thats impressive for a 15.6″ machine. and some are around  15.5mm (0.61″) thick, yeah thats not typo. As a comparison, my current 13″ ultrabook, that is insanely thin and light is  1.4kgs (3.1 pounds) and 18mm (0.71″) think so a 15″ machine is potentially going to be thinner and only weigh 600 grams more.

I couldn’t find a good image to display exactly how much more screen yu ge wit 2 inches, you really need to see it for yourself but believe me when I tell you its a lot, and will make a huge difference to the amount your eyes are strained.


The Potential:

So anyway there are really only 4 solid choices. One of which is a 15″ Mac Book Pro Retina at $2599. (no touch screen which all the others have). It really is over priced for what you get, but a very nice machine regardless.

These dell’s are off the charts awesome speck wise, the XPS is faster, smaller and better picture than a macbook by quite a decent margin and cheaper at $2349 for the top of the line one:

If a small car in price is a little out of your budget however, this puppy is seriously unreal for $1149. It says you can upgrade to a 256gig SSD but i could not find it, i would be inclined to do it and then this little guy would just about compete with the above two on size, graphics and speed fronts at half the price:

And this is equally awesome:

If this was released already it would also be a big competitor: http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/y-series/y50-touch/

If your lookin at 13″ ultra portable ultrabooks, the best solutions are pretty much the same with a:
Macbook pro 13″ – $1799
Macbook Air 13″ – $1299
Dell xps 13″ – $1649
Dell 7000 series 14″ – $1049

But with the addition of a lenovo carbon that just looks fucken amazing for $1359:

And this Hybrid laptop/tablet Lenovo Yoga at $1749 just epic with a wrap around screen:

11″ is a whole new world but again I like the look of the dell and the lenovo products there also, the flip top dell screen is cool:

HP has some OK products but there just not well packaged and stupid expensive for anything super powerful. So thats it, I am going either the 15″ lenovo or the dell 7000 series. I think there the best solution being both portable and usable for full time work. And just a bargain for what you get.

Sony Vaio’s look ok but I hear they are discontinuing or selling this on to someone else so would avoid if possible.

As for the near future of computing, the broadwell intel chip is not set to come out until 2015 now, and it will probably be mid 2015 before any laptops utilising this chip effectively hit the market, so you basically good for at least 12 months. There is a refresh of the haswell chip (the one in the above laptops) coming Q2 this year but its not huge and not worth waiting around for as far as i can tell. As for graphics the resolution on all the above laptops is already impossible to either utilise or see the high end of it, the only thing that may get better, but is unlikely it the battery life, which is already stupid long with the haswell chip (around 6-9 legit hours for most machines) the lenovo recharges fast too, i think its 60% charge in around 30 minutes.

Anyway that about all I have time for right now, I hope it helped.

Peace out.


Upgraded To Thesis 2.something

So it has been a long time since I did anything with this blog, I am actually surprised I didn’t let the domains lapse along with about 100 other domains I had for SEO purposes. So I was sick of looking at the old template even though it served as a good example of a hidden text and grey hat techniques for some time it was definitely due for an update.

After a significant amount of talking to friends and researching myself I decided on the new thesis. It is seriously an awesome solution and I now have several sites built on it. Its a great framework to work with once you get the hang of it, basically any man can easily learn how to design without ever touching a piece of code.

I have just spend 4 hours learning how to use it (the documentation is pretty limited) and have managed to build this site for a charity on the default skin: http://youthin.server299.com/ and I have little to no idea on how to design and develop wordpress.

With the following customisations:

  • Custom header with image and text
  • Custom featured slider and call to action (on home page only)
  • Custom side bar with category specific feeds
  • Custom 4 column footer
  • Much more…

These were all additional elements that needed to be added to the theme, not just editing stuff that was already there.

All this was done in a drag and drop wysiwyg style interface. Pretty amazing in my books. Here is a gif of the drag and drop interface: http://diythemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/add-box.gif

If you don’t do your own development but would like to this is definitely worth a try, or even if you don’t want to dev sites yourself having them built in this framework will at least allow you to make some edits and changes when you need them.

If your into your themes and frameworks this is also a wicked solution worth investigating: Twitter Bootstrap Themes



I felt compelled to give everyone an update after doing so many posts on the initial penguin release.

So yesterday after noting significant jumps all over the joint again Matt Cutts announced that Google has released an update to make further adjustments in the same areas as the original penguin. He did not specifically state what adjustments were made however luckily for us its usually not long before a flood of clueless people with no experience at all start expressing their opinions on what its all about, let me be one of the first:

So of my roughly 100 personal sites and the other 50 odd competitors and keywords that I monitor closely I have seen little to no change in the last 48 hours, though I have seen several massive changes over the last month or so in fluctuating rankings, so though Matt has stated that there were no adjustments since the original update I call bullshit on that.

If I do see anything change over the next day or so, because Australia sometimes does take an extra while to see the impact of these things, I will let you know.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing and personally speaking with Steve Wozniak. At first I was not sure if I would even attend this even but now that I have am I glad that I did. Steve is one of the most inspirational and passionate people I have ever encountered. I truly believe that I am better off having been in his presence even if only for half a day. And I don’t only say that because he shares my passion for brightly coloured shoes (Steve’s shoes are custom designed by himself, I guess that’s what programmer minded people do).Me and My Mate Steve

So you may be wondering “who the hell is this Steve Wozniak guy, and why have i not heard of him”? well that’s understandable, even though this guy is a hero in my eyes beyond that of any Steve Jobs or Bill gates, the reason you don’t hear so much about him is because he is too busy getting shit done, literally. He had been so busy working away behind the scenes, developing newer and better products that he never even came up to say hello, plus he has one of those stereo typical data, programmer type personalities that make him a bit of an introvert (though you wouldn’t guess it from seeing him at the even yesterday in Sydney).

Steve Wozniak was quite literally the brains behind personal computing, he was the designer, creator and builder of the first apple computers and one of if not the most innfluetnail people behind computers today. There is no doubt that without Steve I would not be typing on a laptop as advanced as the one I am using right now.

So what did he talk about? For the most part he spoke about his incredible life journey and what he learned. He also spoke about his experience with being innovative, why being innovative is important and how to do it. On a side note I noticed that at the event I was like the only person who showed up with a pad and pen and bothered to take notes, I don’t understand how anyone is supposed to get any value out of an event like this without writing anything down?

Any way here are my take aways on innovation and business. If you want to know about his life story he has a book called: iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It there is just to much to cover in a blog post.


When your company has success from its first product, and begins to generate healthy income you must reinvest that income into innovation (in the same area you have skills in) or you will quickly be left behind. An example of this is Nokia, they once dominated the mobile market with an 85% market share. But one day this number plummeted dramatically. Nokia was not even close to hanging on because they they had not invested in innovation.
Steve mentioned that innovation is often viral and takes you by surprise. If you can picture a test tube that is seeded with a virus that doubles in size every minute and takes 12 hours to take over the whole tube how much is taken over after 11.59? One minute shy of total takeover? 50%. how much after just 11.56? 1/16 th! so just 4 minutes before total take over the virus is barley visible! No wonder company like Nokia didn’t see it coming.

A company must have a culture of innovation from the ground up. it cant only be the CEO it must be ingrained in the company culture. Ask yourself the question are the individuals in your organisation always looking for: New, Different, Powerful, Innovative and Risky? (Be honest with yourself).

You success of failure may often rest on the shoulders of one staff member. This staff member will be the one who’s passion is inline with your companies product (e.g. Steve Wozniak). You will know this staff member because he will do in his spare time what you have at work. (Steve used to build PC on the weekend because he loved it). He says that you want to give this staff member everything, buy him a house if need be because he is the one that will generate the leading innovation that the rest of the company will follow.

You want to be giving people resources (for free) for them to develop personal projects that are in line with the companies products, often this is where the cutting edge changes will come from.

Steve believes (as did Jobs) that innovation is built into people from an early age about 20. They will have an attitude of challenging the status quo, and doing things very different a need to be the best there is at what they do and willing to be wrong.

Lastly he said that innovation is an Art form. it often cannot be written about, it is the equivalent of trying to write to someone to tell them how good a song is and expect them to understand. It is never going to happen their are just to many elements to outline. Only once the person has heard the song will they truly know if they liked it or not.

General Business:

Ask yourself who is your product for? Have a person that is similar to those people making the end decisions. E.g. If you product is for programmers and introverts, then have a programmer introvert type person making the decisions because they understand their needs.

The computer industry is still moving faster than ever before, don’t be fooled into thinking it is slowing down. People who are innovative will always win in these conditions.


Above everything else Steve is an inspiration to all to do what you love and all the riches you need in the world will come your way.

So that’s it. I hope you got some insight out of it. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask away.



OK so i stumbled upon this video by the guys at blackhat world and was compelled to share it, it has to be one of the funniest rip videos I have seen, though please keep in mind that you will probably need to be in online marketing to pick up many of the subtle jokes.

Love the girl who says Fiverr FTW! hahahaha.


Ok so a quick update on this sensitive topic that is reaping havoc amongst online marketers.

Firstly is has now officially been coined the “Penguin” update  (where in gods name is google finding these names).

I am certain through assessing many a penalised website (actually pages, the penalties seem to be mostly page level but a lot of home page penalties) that the root causes are:

  • Links in content irrelevant to anchor and linked to site, this to an extent will include spun content I believe this is the next thing to be hit hard but that’s a whole nother post).
  • Participation in networks such as Build my rank, High PR Society, Authority Link Network and the list goes on, you get the gist, basically any de-indexed blog syndication network.
  • Unnatural Link Anchor Text profile: I have studied natural anchor text profiles for years, and I am yet to see a link builder even come close to replicating a natural one. I too am guilty of this because I get an opportunity to get a link on a pr7 site or something and I can help but put my exact main keyword in there. In turn all my best links have the exact main keywords in them, very unnatural. Also though many link builders do use, click here, nice site, image links, the url and so on as anchors but it is never anywhere near enough, 70% of your anchor profile should be made up of this stuff and not just the low quality links. And lastly keyword variation, I know you have probably heard it before but from what I see no one is listening. If you targeting the term “widgets” you need to build a list of at least 100 variation e.g: “how to use widget”, “blue widget”, “green widget”, “new widget”, “old widget”, “australian widget” and so on until you have 100.

I am probably going to get flamed for saying this but I personally think this update it on the right track, Google needs to combat web spam somehow. It is not fair on the people doing the right thing and I think this update was long overdue. I have had two businesses chopped out from under me, so I feel others pain and frustration yet I still side with Google on this.

I know for a fact that my competitors were actively building forum spam, guestbook spam and blog syndication spam to my site, with duplicate and spun irrelevant content and I new about this a long time ago, but could do nothing about it.

What would be nice is if Google provided me with interface (possibly in webmaster tools) to submit these links for exclusion so they do not result in a penalty later. I could have saved both my businesses from total collapse. I dont believe this would be a huge task for them to integrate and I hope they have something in the pipeline because I can keep investing thousands of dollars into quality promotion only to have it undermined by less skilled people.

If your site has been done over there is an option to submit for re inclusion here. You can also report spam though the same form.

As a side note, if you google adwords account got banned at the same time as you received a penalty, the reason is because “you are spamming the internet” according to Google but again a whole nother post for that one.





Ok so I awoke this morning and did my usual quick ranking check… something looked a little fishy.

My inbox had one email from a friend linking to this post by Matt Cutts: http://insidesearch.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/another-step-to-reward-high-quality.html

My 2 cents would be that link builders will need to move to targeting less keywords on a page and put in that little bit more effort to make sure the anchors are relevant to the sentence content.

Already after only a few hours of this update being released I am seeing literally hundreds of black hatters posting about their sites getting axed, this is way bigger than panda and whatever that last web spam update was, way bigger!

My personal experience has been that many of my sites have made significant gains, however some have been slapped with plus 20′s to plus 50′s. Only time will tell what the main cause of these drops were.

Though this post may sound negative, I am honestly just revelling in it, I love new challenges, and changes. While most people will be getting disheartened by this update I will be researching, reading and discussing among other web marketers the new approaches to doing SEO, which will put me even further ahead of everyone else! I hope that if you have been penalised in any way you can muster the same head space.

I would strongly suggest you check your site out now, let me know if you find anything.

P.S make sure you also update to the latest version of wordpress if you use it. There is a lot of hacking scripts going around at the mo that are taking sites out left right and centre, the latest update fixes most of it.